Well, by golly! Congratulations to Jim Mintun, Slide Road’s fearless leader, for being recognized by the Northern California Bluegrass Society with Dobro Player of the Year honors for 2015! Yay!

Many thanks to the Northern California Bluegrass Society for nominating 2 of our band members for awards for 2015! Jim Mintun was nominated for Dobro Player of the Year, and Louise Mintun was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.

That was just a  really nice surprise.

We did it! Finally got into the studio and recorded a few of our favorites. Check ’em out over there on our Music page, along with a couple live recordings featuring guest banjo and fiddle.

Wow! We just had the best band practice.

I mean, we always have fun at our practices, but this one was just something special. First, it started out on a beautiful warm evening in the back garden. Then, there was pizza involved.

But beyond that, we had one of those moments on ‘Sea of Regret.’ Just one of those great moments where all the stars align, everyone’s head and heart is in the same place, everyone is sharing the same memory, everyone is thinking the same thought, and then we hit that high, stacked harmony, and…whoa. Chills.

Now, if we could only do that in front of people.

We’re thrilled to announce that both Louise and Jim were honored at the recent Northern California Bluegrass Society awards show. Louise received the award for Bluegrass Bass Player of the Year, while Jim received Dobro Player of the Year honors for the sixth time. We’re very grateful for the recognition from the NCBS, especially given the other wonderful musicians on the docket.

Oh, Matt, Matt. You were back in California for what…5 months? Man, if we’d blinked we would’ve missed you.

For all our Slide Road fans who haven’t heard, Matt Kendall has jetted off to Sweden once again, and, boy, oh boy, we’re gonna miss him! He will be saving the day there in Stockholm, though, and we know that we have to share him with those in, you know, business. Plus, he’ll be making the world safe for VOIP video and voice calling, and who doesn’t want that? We can be generous here.

Tears shed. Clothes rent in lamentation. Downtime scheduled for some power-moping.

We just got the news that three of our members have been nominated for Northern California Bluegrass Society awards this year. Avram for guitar, Louise for bass, and Jim for dobro. (Louise was also nominated for female vocalist, but she says she’s not really sure why. :-))

Thank you so much, NCBS members! That was really a very nice surprise!

We’re taking a few days to unwind and remember what it’s all about down in Big Sur. So crazy-beautiful! Look for us in campsite #10, gathered ’round the old Mr. Heater and singing a few as the sun goes down.

We’re excited to be working on some brand-spanking new high-quality recordings. We just love coming up with arrangements and working on getting those vocals clean. It’s sure is a big advantage when you love picking together. Can’t wait to get everything done and done.

In the meantime, we hope you listen to the live stuff we have, and are forgiving. 🙂

Hey hey hey! The new website is just about up and running. Many thanks to the very patient Jerry Seeger and Samantha Markus for the fine photos. You two made us look like we knew what we were doing.